Wednesday, April 8, 2009

conference and food

Yay I finally presented my powerpoint at the conference in cookeville and yay it was a blast. THe thing that sucketh though was the fact that I carried a cooler of food with me and was unable to eat the food there. :(

people there got chicken and apple pie with vanilla ice cream and i had
  • boiled eggs
  • bananas
  • orange
  • apple
  • naked juice
yay for healthy food. I was envious and definitly got crabby. I would have loved to blend in and eat normal food just for a day.

But once again i got stuck eating my frekishly healthy food.

Once I was done presenting I got sick . LIterally it was like my body said "I hate you I am shutting down now" and thus by the time I left cookeville I had closed sinuses and a headache from hell.

Overall the conference was fun though and I enjoyed it.

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