Thursday, March 31, 2011

7 facts about me that you might not know...

I just finished reading the blog of Paige, the owner of a local shop called hodge podge and she wrote 7 interesting things about herself, and I decided that I like the idea and wanted to share some things about myself too. Fact #1 I am inspired by things that surround me. Many of my crochet creations are inspired by what I see both online or in the world surrounding me. For example my zebra hat, I see so many hats with ears, but which hat has a tail? Fact #2 I love to give my crochet items away to friends. I spend a lot of time crocheting and i end up giving away more than I sell. My reason, you wonder? I love seeing people appreciate my work and the happiness it gives them. Fact #3 I enjoy being crazy. I don't always fit the standard normal description and prefer to just be me. Fact#4 I spend more time crocheting than I do anything else. I can honestly say when I am in a crochet rut (mood), I end up taking a hook and yarn everywhere I go with the exception of the bathroom. Fact#5 I love making items that are different. I love things that not everyone creates. I prefer making things that one does not commonly see, such as a summer beanie, or a whale that rattles and a turtle that squeaks. Fact #6 Tea, I LOVE tea. I would probably die if someone told me I could never drink tea again. Fact#7 I am German. Not the i have German in me but I actually am from Germany and I love it. I am actually in the process of becoming a German teacher.

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Paige Thomas King said...

Glad you enjoyed my blog and you felt inspired to join in. You should choose some blog friends to "play along."
Thanks for linking to me!